Lot No. 071

Lot 71.

Two antique white baby wear:- Christening gown 84cm cotton, embroidered inserted lace bodice and trim. Nightwear plain type 76cm with lace trim on short sleeves and neck, midriff tie.

$70 – $95

Lot 72. Four MIB Ashton Drake Disney Pooh 2002 by Cindy McClure, What’s For Lunch Pooh, Lets Play Patty-Cake Pooh, Pooh Says I’m Beary Clean, It’s Time For Bed Pooh. $80 – $120

Lot 73. Three MIB Ashton Drake artist dolls:- Summer-Lovin Tweety, Enjoying A Snack, Baby Red Riding Hood, all-in store condition. $60 – $90

Lot 74. Two MIB artist Georgetown 90s store condition dolls:- ‘Shannon’s Holiday’ 43cm by Linda Mason, ‘Apple Dumpling’ 46cm by Ann Timmermanm. $50 – $80

Lot 75. Two porcelain dolls:- Franklin Mint 43cm MIB Victorian Christening Baby. Boxed Heritage Heirloom “Elizabeth” 45cm porcelain baby, cream satin christening gown, bonnet and satin pillow. Both with COA and hang-tag and all original. $70 – $100

Lot 76. MIB Ashton Drake. First day at Walt Disney World collection “End of a Long Day” 2002 by Lee Dunsmore, inc stroller, COA’s, store condition. $50 – $75

Lot 77. Two NRFB porcelains LE dolls:- Florence “Becky” 46cm toddler in pink outfit and blanket. Heritage Heirloom Hayley 51cm in a chair. $70 – $90

Lot 78. Two MIB porcelain dolls:- Homeart Pamela 30″ (76cm) and Hamilton Lauren 41cm by Phyllis Parkins. Both all original outfits, stands and tags. $45 – $75

Lot 79. Two MIB Homeart porcelain 30″ (76cm) dolls. Lorna and redhead in all original costumes with hats and stands. $50 – $90

Lot 80. Two MIB porcelains dolls:- Florence “Maya” 46cm baby with LE 62/240 COA. Heritage Heirloom baby Lucinda 51cm both in store condition. $60 – $90

Lot 81. Two MIB Heritage Heirloom dolls:- ‘Rachael’ the little flower girl 51cm AND 46cm Baby Daniella both all original with COA’s. $50 – $75
Lot 82. German Annette Himstedt ‘Bastian’ 66cm from Barefoot Children series. All original plaid shirt and green overalls. Blonde human hair wig. $100 – $150

Lot 83. MIB Ashton Drake “All Dolled Up Emily” 53cm reborn baby. Asleep with wispy hair, All original pink white outfit and rattle with a brochure, H/tags. $80 – $120

Lot 84. Award-winning doll by Paula Smith 1995 Princess Diana on Wedding day 32″ (81cm). Porcelain artist reproduction with superb details. Wedding outfit is an exact replica as worn by Diana on her wedding day, including veil and headpiece, lace shoes, garter, ring, flowers, earrings and divine wedding gown.
Provenance Won Gold Medallion at Melbourne Doll Show. $300 – $400

Lot 85. Three MIB artist Georgetown 90s store condition dolls by Terri DeHere:- Michelle, Rock-abye Baby and Apple Dumpling, all with tags. $60 – $90

Lot 86. Three MIB artist Georgetown 90s store condition dolls. Miss Ashley by Pat Thompson, Julie and Nicole by Anne DiMartino. $60 – $90

Lot 87. Three MIB Artist porcelain dolls:- Georgetown Nikki, Heritage Heirloom Bride, Hamilton Chelsea. All original in MIB condition. $60 – $90

Lot 88. Two Boxed porcelain dolls:- Georgetown “Little Fawn Papoose” 28cm and artist “Asian Baby” 56cm, cream outfit, brown eyes, black hair. $50 – $75

Lot 89. Artist 1990s Monique 28″ (71cm) porcelain shoulder plate and swivel head. Brown glass eyes and long hair. Faux emerald jewels on a molded necklace.
Emerald and lace dress with puffed sleeves, undergarments and shoes, and has her own wood stand. $70 – $90

Lot 90. Two vinyl Effanbee dolls. NRFB 2003 Dy-Dee Darling 28cm all original, and 1979 LE Skippy 36cm boy in all original outfit and cap $50 – $75

Lot 91. Three MIB Ashton Drake porcelain dolls:- Deirdre by Turner, Wet N Wild Taz Looney Tunes. Calling Grandma. All store condition with COA’s. $60 – $75