Lot No. 094

Lot 94.

Extremely rare Dollhouse Chinahead c1840 with articulated peg-wooden body 5.5″ (14cm). Pink tint shoulder head has well molded hairstyle with exposed ears and back braided bun. Blue eyes, well blushed cheeks. Peg wooden splice jointed body with glazed china forearms, right hand clasped has flower hole. Lower legs are also glazed china with orange red molded flat shoes, right ankle has reglue and also glued at wood joint. All original brown silk fragile melting dress over brown under dress, white lace trim petticoat, lace hat, lace trim collar and long sleeves. This rare dollhouse 1840 doll is the earliest possible and never seen one for sale anywhere in over 25 years.

$800 – $1,200