Lot No. 094

Lot 94.

German possible Carl Bergner ‘Two Face’ bisque unmarked doll 15″ (38cm) c1910s. Smiling face has brown inserted glass eyes, open gloss feathered brows, pink open closed mouth, painted teeth. Sleeping face has closed eyelids, black lashes, gloss feathered brows, claret red closed mouth with darker center line. Head is in a carton moule hood attached to papier mache cream shoulder plate with modeled blouse, back edge wear, blonde mohair wig. Carton moule cloth covered torso with composition forearms. Working dual pull strings, wood beads but no crier noise. Antique white dress, two petticoats, pantaloons, lace trim bonnet, lace socks and brown leather shoes.

$700 – $900