Lot No. 095

Lot 95.

French Francois Gaultier “Normandy” Folklore fashion lady 12” (31cm) c1887-1900. Bisque shoulder head with FG in scroll mark. Cobalt blue paperweight eyes, fine angled lashes, brown gloss feathered brows,closed red mouth, pierced ears with three tier glass ball drop earrings and one ball is broken. Cotton arms with terracotta forearms, and cotton body is wood filled. Blonde mohair wig and pate never removed. All original Normandy outfit with blue tail coat, pink blouse with padded bosoms, brown apron, black and white long skirt with red cotton over skirt hitched up at back, stiffened white petticoat, white muslin coiffe cap with wide front lace frill, red and white hoop long hose and slip on shoes. Carries “Le Havre”, fishing port, paper label on terracotta cockle basket, all original beauty.

$900 – $1,200