Lot No. 096

Lot 96.

Scarce J. D. Kestner 128 Closed Mouth “Pouty” bisque child 27″ (53cm) c1897. Brown glass sleep eyes, angled lashes, gloss lush brows with fine outer feathering, full blushed cheeks. Divine pouty pink gloss mouth with full lips, protruding upper lip, peak accents and superb inner upper outline, partial white space, simply elite painting, five upper teeth. Prominent chin, ears and high forehead. Brown mohair lush wig over original plaster pate. Wood composition ball jointed body with repainted legs, back red stamped Heinrich Handwerck Germany 5. Cream cotton lace inserted dress over original petticoat and pantaloons, long white socks, lace bonnet with silk ties, white kid leather ankle boots.

$1,500 – $2,000