Lot No. 096

Lot 96.

Closed mouth Rabery & Delphieu Bebe 1880s bisque 24″ (61cm), incised ‘R3D. Closed rose partial smiling mouth with inner shading and peak accents. Soft cheek blush, pierced ears with red drop earrings. Blue Guepratte paperweight glass eyes, black eyeliner, angled lashes, brown gloss long arched lush brows with fine feathering, upper blush eye shadow. Lush brown original human hair long wig and replaced cork pate. French wood composition jointed body with straight wrists and some paint touch ups. Antique mauve flower print organdy dress and blouse, antique under garments, socks and black leather shoes. Fancy lavender candy stripe and lace antique fancy bonnet with tassels and flower trim.

$2,000 – $3,000