Lot No. 097

Lot 97.

Scarce 1906-08 Simon & Halbig “Patrician” Lady bisque head doll,19.5″ (49cm) incised ‘1159 // S&H // DEP // 7 // Germany’ and red Wimpern stamp. Back old hairline from pate rim under wig. Blue glass sleep eyes, real mohair lashes, vertical lower lashes, feathered brows, right cheek rub, dimpled chin, pierced prominent ears. Original up-swept brown wig. Original 1906-08 French ball jointed composition shaped lady body with slender fingers, blue stamped ‘La Patricienne Depose’ (brief trademark used by Daspres successor of Jules Steiner), straight wrists and slender fingers. Couture navy blue velvet dress, long sleeve top, muslin blouse with wide lace collar. Matching hat with flowers and ostrich feathers. Original organdie petticoat, ruffled pantaloons, black socks with some wear, black leather o/shoes.

$1,000 – $1,500