Lot No. 097

Lot 97.

German Simon & Halbig 1039 Walking Talking c1891-1900 child bisque 22″ (56cm) doll. Incised “11 S H 1039 //DEP” and oval red stamped Wimpern Gesetzl Geschutz ( eyelashes protected by law). Blue glass sleeping eyes, vertical tapered lower lashes, and real uppers, early lush style brown gloss brows with feathering. Open pink gloss mouth with red peak accents, protruding upper lip, and four upper porcelain teeth. Defined chin has a dimple and pierced ears. Original cardboard pate and honey blonde lush human hair wig. Original to the doll, Jumeau French ball jointed wood composition body with large rectangular front body cut for insertion of possible R & D talking mechanism. Two screws on lower back attach the mechanism, one screw is through blue stamped ‘Bebe Jumeau // Btg SGDG // Depose’ mark. Walking legs are hip jointed and would have worked the voice mechanism, as opposed to the key wind version. Antique cream lace silk dress, petticoat and cami knickers, white lace socks. History These dolls were made with many variations and used by other makers. French Jumeau bodies were used on some, such as this child.

$900 – $1,200