Lot No. 098

Lot 98.

Scarce Emile Jumeau “Paris Bebe” post 1892 French pale bisque 14″ (36cm). Incised “Paris Bebe // Tete DEP // 4” and red check mark. Closed mouth with defined white space, rose heart lips with inner shading and peak accents, very faint hairline from forehead pate rim. Beautiful blue spiral threaded paperweight eyes, black encircled eyecut, angled upper lower lashes, arched long blonde fine feathered brows. Accented nostrils, lovely soft cheek blush, pierced ears. All original inside head with spiral neck spring. Light brown mohair wig and pate. Original Jumeau wood composition ball jointed body with repaint, crazing and lifting on hands and legs. Body has original finish with Blue Jumeau stamp. Vintage pink dress with lace trim, original pantaloons and petticoat with blue silk ribbons, lace socks and black antique leather shoes. Controversial doll subject to court case against Daniel et Cie a former Jumeau worker.

$2,000 – $2,500