Lot No. 098

Lot 98.

French bisque 1890s Leopold Lambert Automaton 19″ (48cm). Closed mouth Jumeau ‘Tete Bebe’ head red stamped Depose Tete Jumeau Bte SGDG 4. Blue glass paperweight eyes with long bold angled lashes, mauve eye shadow, long arched feathered brows, closed pink accented mouth with white space, pierced ears with left ear flake. Vintage blonde ringlet human hair wig and original cork pate. Papier mache composition repainted forearms, wire upper arms. Papier mache / composition body with repainted legs, tan leather shoes. Original powder puff and hand held mirror has hallmarks. Doll stands 15″ (38cm). Olive velvet covered Leopold Lambert clockwork base with trim, original clockwork key and musical key, wire operated stop start. When wound, music plays, head moves up and down, then turns side to side and back to move up and down again. Right hand brings power puff up to face and back again. Left hand has hand held mirror that tries to move. Pink satin replaced long dress with lace overlay, under garments and antique lace bonnet.

$2,500 – $3,500