Lot No. 098

Lot 98.

French attributed to Eugene Barrois “Fashion Poupee” 1860s, 14″ (35cm) pale bisque swivel head. Incised on front shoulder plate “L DEPOSE 1 B” (see photo on web of mark L could be E). Gaultier face has closed deep modeled rose pink mouth with darker peak accents / center line. Blue spiral threaded enamel paperweight eyes, black eye liner, angled lashes, long striated style blonde brows, soft cheek blush. Original blonde mohair wig and cork pate with blue bow. Pierced ears with original wire for earrings attached to inside, left ear has old stress line on seam. Sturdy kid leather, shaped gusset jointed body with curved collarette and individual fingers. All original white wear hand stitched fitted ensemble, long accentuated sleeve waist coat, petticoat, pantaloons and extra trousseau clothes, brown hand stitched leather shoes with brown bows. One family owned all original French fashion doll.

$1,500 – $2,000