Lot No. 099

Lot 99.

Companion bisque Tete Jumeau Bebe 1907, 32″ (82cm). Open mouth with shading, peak accents, upturned corners, upper teeth. Starburst blue glass paperweight eyes, black eyeliner, many fine angled lashes, arched lush gloss brows with outer feathering. Pierced ears with blue flower earrings. RRed stamped on the neck Tete Jumeau and incised ‘1907 // 15’. Original cork pate with auburn long human hair wig. Wood French ball jointed composition body with jointed wrists in good condition, the body has most of Bebe Jumeau paper label. Antique white wear dress with inserted yoke embroidered flowers and scallop trim on hem, antique inserted lace petticoat, ice blue quilted shoes with white fur trim and pompom. Antique 30cm long thinning cream silk umbrella. Antique carriage cape with beautiful silk embroidered flowers and scallop edge, gold silk covered buttons and spectacular blue silk lining, and white silk pompom tassel.

$2,500 – $3,500