Lot No. 100

Lot 100.

French Jumeau “Special Commission” Tete Jumeau Bebe c1890, 19” (48cm) pale poured bisque child. Incised ‘D // 8′ and painted check mark L7. Closed rose pink mouth with shading and peak accents. Blue starburst paper weight glass eyes, long angled lashes, extra long gloss feathered arched brows with expert fine feathering, black eyeliner, accented nostrils, lovely soft blush, applied pierced ears. Blonde mohair wig over cork pate. Spiral neck attachment, original finish to wood composition French ball jointed body, blue stamped Jumeau Medaille d’ Or Paris on body. Working pull string crier with original rose / blue beads. Antique organdie white wear with lace trim, white wear and wool cream petticoats, pantaloons, white socks and kid leather lace up ankle boots, lace bonnet.
Note Jumeau in 1890 made a series of Tete Jumeau’s for Paris Boutiques & Department stores, most were unsigned but some had incised letter designating the commissioner. While letter ‘D’ is unknown it was certainly for a Paris boutique.

$4,000 – $5,000