Lot No. 100

Lot 100.

Rare 1885 Gustav Vichy Musical Automaton “Girl Riding Past Windmill” 18” (46 cm). A country scene vignette features a bisque head doll with painted features, closed mouth, blonde mohair wig, bisque limbs, only one leg, original cotton dress, is seated upon a papier mache donkey. The donkey is standing on a papier mache base to suggest a country scene, and mill tower at one side with wooden working windmill next to stream and bridge. When wound, music plays, the donkey’s head bobs up/down, the windmill turns, and window of the tower opens and a bisque headed boy with blue glass eyes peeks out his head. All-original excellent automaton with wind up and stop / start levers. Three amusing motions, extremely rare world wide Vichy automaton.

$4,000 – $4,750