Lot No. 100

Lot 100.

Superior 28” (70cm) Kammer & Reinhardt “Mein Liebling” 117 with finest quality matte bisque and incised “K star R // Simon & Halbig 117 // 70”. Brown glass sleeping eyes with many angled upper and lower lashes, gloss brush stroked and feathered brows, accented nostrils and eye corners. Elite painting on deep molded closed pouty mouth with wistful expression, shaded lips and superb gloss central shading highlight. Original lush blonde mohair short wig and cardboard original pate, all original inside head. Outstanding original factory finish ball jointed wood composition body with red accents. Navy blue cotton pants, waist coat top with cream sailor collar and burgundy trim, burgundy silk shirt with high collar. Antique black leather and cotton button up boots, white / navy socks. Superior bisque and gorgeous wistful expression achieved by impressed details around mouth, museum quality and rare larger size.

$4,000 – $5,500