Lot No. 102

Lot 102.

Pale pressed bisque c1878 Jumeau Premiere Bebe 19″ (49cm) from Portrait period early Emile Jumeau. Incised 9 on neck. Hairline from left eye corner to side pate rim. Blue spiral threaded paperweight eyes, right eye has crack. Dark eyeliner, angled painted lashes, arched long brush stroked and fine outer feathering, mauve blush upper eye shadow. Accented eye corners and shaded nostrils and soft cheek blush. Pale rose pink closed mouth with shaded and peak accents also defined white space. Modeled and blushed pierced ears, gorgeous expressive face. Brown human hair replaced wig over original cork pate. Long neck spring attached French eight ball jointed composition body has no right arm and only shoulder ball and upper arm on left. Blue cotton dress an lace neck trim, antique under garments, lace socks and black leather shoes with Jumeau Bee symbol mark.

$3,000 – $4,000