Lot No. 102

Lot 102.

Bisque 1870s French Fashion Poupee 14.5″ (37cm) on bisque shoulderplate incised ‘0’ on each shoulder. Cobalt blue spiral threaded enamel glass paperweight eyes, upper black eyeliner, fine upper lower angled lashes, long arched stirated brows. Closed pink mouth with peak accents and darker center line, soft cheek blush, pierced ears with drop earrings. Straight collarette kid leather body with wood button neck attachment, padded bosom, kid leather over wood upper arms and modeled bisque jointed forearms, gusset jointed legs with stitched toes. Pique white antique dress, double petticoats and pantaloons, couture antique fitted long pink socks, antique leather fitted boots incised C.C.

$1,500 – $2,500