Lot No. 102

Lot 102.

French Mechanical Fleischman & Blodel 1890s “L’ Eden Bebe Qui Marche Seul” walking talking doll (Eden Bebe who walks by herself), 23.5″ (60cm) incised ‘DEP // 10’ . Dark blue glass sleeping eyes, real lashes, vertical lower lashes, long arched gloss feathered brows, open mouth with peak accents and row of porcelain upper teeth, pierced ears. Brown human hair wig and cardboard pate. All original complex spring motor clockwork mechanism with original key, operated by original on / off pull lever. She glides across on roller metal shoes. Head turns side to side and arms move back and forth, and bellows operate the crier. All are working perfectly on this rare doll. Composition straight leg body with mechanism held together by two original screws. French ball jointed wood composition arms have repainted hands, right forearm is loose strung but operates OK. Flower print cotton black dress, hat, two petticoats, original lace socks and black leather overcast shoes with brown bows and metal roller soles. Note This model was quite expensive, complicated and fragile, made for only a short time, extremely rare to find in working condition.

$2,500 – $3,500