Lot No. 103

Lot 103.

Pale bisque Jumeau “Bebe Reclame” c1890. 14″ (36cm). Closed red mouth has inner shading with upturned corners, peak accents and modeled white space. Hairline from right side forehead pate rim to right end of eyebrow. Artist check marks on neck. Blue paperweight Guperatte glass eyes, eyeliner, long angled lashes, long brows with fine outer feathering, soft blushing, pierced ears, superior painting. Original blonde mohair sparse wig with added mohair and o/cork pate, spiral spring neck attachment. French wood composition Jumeau body with jointed wrists. Pink satin dropped waist walking out ensemble with lace overlay, antique under garments, Jumeau socks and black leather vintage shoes, cream wide brim hat.

$1,200 – $1,500