Lot No. 103

Lot 103. Extremely rare c1887 Simon & Halbig 202 Black & White Two-Face bisque doll 16” (41cm), incised 202 DEP 5 high on the forehead. Blue spiral threaded paperweight eyes with black encircled eyes, angled lashes, brown gloss feathered brows. Superb open closed smiling mouth has white defined teeth, inner lip accents, hairline from top rotating ring to above right eye. Painted black face has brown spiral threaded paperweight eyes with a small paint rub on upper eyerim, pink lips with white defined teeth. Both faces have chin dimples and protruding upper lips. Original factory loose jointed wood composition straight wrist body is blue stamped D.R.P. in rectangle, five tipped fingers and a thumb. Attached papier-mache snood has hole for original turn mechanism, two tufts of brown mohair. Pink net lace dress over pink petticoat and undies, matching bonnet, white shoes, one family-owned antique rare doll.

$1,000 – $1,500