Lot No. 104

Lot 104.

All original c1880s Jumeau “Folklore Poupee” 15″ (38cm) bisque socket head on shoulderplate. Incised 5 on head. Brown paperweight glass eyes, black dramatic long angled lashes, brown gloss arched lush brows with fine outer feathering. Rose pink mouth, inner gloss shading, peak accents, soft blushed cheeks, pierced ears with one pink earring. Straight hairline from back pate rim to lower head, wood button neck attachment. Original cork pate and honey blonde upswept wig with front fringe, attached with nails. Kid leather gusset jointed body with separate fingers. Folklore original fitted costume with red velvet vest, black jacket with long tartan sleeves, lace trim and decorative coin metal belt. Cream silk dress with vertical melting but displays as a fringe and lower black Alencon lace overlay, metal buttons and decoration, original under garments. All original outfit shows age but displays beautifully.

$1,000 – $1,400