Lot No. 106

Lot 106.

German Kammer & Reinhardt “Mein Liebling” 117 c1911 matte bisque, 19″ (49cm) with restoration along back pate rim to above incised “K star R // Simon & Halbig 117 // 50” mark, hairline from same to under left ear. Blue glass sleep eyes with fine angled lashes, short feathered brows, accented nostrils. Gorgeous pouty mouth with gloss central shading accent. Jumeau brown human hair long curl wig with blue cap lining, no pate. lush blonde mohair short wig and cardboard original pate, all original inside head. Very good original ball jointed wood composition body with red hand accents. Cotton flower print dress with antique bonnet, vintage undergarments, black lace socks, and two-tone rexine shoes with right cut at brown laces.

$700 – $900