Lot No. 107

Lot 107.

Rare Art Character Kammer & Reinhardt “Karl” 107 c1910, 12” (30 cm). Bisque socket head incised “K Star R / 107 / 30” with slender elongated facial shape, painted blue eyes with gloss outer, black upper eyeliner, two tone stroke brows, accented nostrils of aquiline nose, closed mouth with gloss inner shading, full lips in downcast pensive expression. Original blonde mohair short bobbed wig / pate. Restoration for ‘U’ shaped hairline with resurfacing, from forehead to ear to back rim, also other ear has same repair to pate rim hairline through right ear. Composition wood French style ball ball-jointed body. Pink satin shirt with lace trim, Velvet jacket and pants, antique black socks and black leather shoes. Pensive expression of the older child model and rare even in this condition.

Background comments:- Model 107 “Karl” from K & R art character series, from an original 1898 sculpture by artist Lewin Funcke, which he offered to the Kammer and Reinhardt firm for use as a doll’s head. Extremely rare doll to find world wide.

$1,500 – $2,000