Lot No. 132

Lot 132.

German Kammer & Reinhardt 126 Naughty Flirty ‘My Darling’ baby 1920s bisque 20″ (51cm). Blue glass flirty eyes, naughty sleeping eyelids, angled lashes, feathered brows. Open mouth, two upper teeth, tremble tongue. Original never removed brown mohair wig and pate . Composition bent limb baby body with original body cut for non working crier. Antique broderie anglaise christening gown 84cm long with lace trim, singlet, crochet bonnet.

$450 – $550

Lot 133. German Armand Marseille “Dolly Face” bisque doll 33″ (84cm) incised A16M. Open pink mouth with peak accents, four upper teeth, defined chin and protruding upper lip, chubby soft blushed cheeks. Brown glass sleeping eyes, angled lashes, gloss feathered brows, prominent ears. Full ball jointed wood composition body with repainted body / arms. Blonde long human hair wig and pate. Antique broderie anglaise white wear dress with scallop edge over blue petticoat, lace bonnet, white hose and black shoes. $600 – $800

Lot 134. All original Shoenau & Hoffmeister 1923 character bisque doll 24” (61cm) bisque doll. Blue gray glass sleeping eyes, angled and real lashes, feathered brows, open pink mouth with upper teeth, lower cheek rub. Brown mohair wig / pate. Ball jointed composition body. Original white silk lace inserted dress over blue cotton petticoat and pantaloons, lace socks and rexine shoes with leather soles, matching silk lace bonnet. $300 – $400

Lot 135. Bisque Kammer & Reinhardt ‘Dolly Face’ 29″ (74cm). Incised “H 70 W// Germany”. Open mouth with peak accents, upper teeth. Blue glass sleep eyes, real lashes, painted angled lashes, serrated feathered brown brows, some face rubs, brown mohair replaced wig/pate.Fully jointed wood repainted composition body. Vintage cream dress with lace trim, cream silk and wool petticoats, pantaloons, cream socks / shoes, antique bonnet, purse. $400 – $500

Lot 136. Turned head Alt, Beck & Gottschalck 1123 child 21″ (53cm), 1890s shoulder head pale bisque. Soft cheek blush. Closed gloss pink mouth with protruding upper lip and red center line. Blue spiral threaded paper weight glass eyes, many fine angled lashes, brown gloss lush brows with upper fine feathering, prominent ears. Brown mohair wig and cardboard pate. Kid leather gusset jointed body with modeled bisque forearms. Antique matching brown red print jacket and dress with metal flower buttons. Antique weary black leather shoes and under garments. $350 – $450

Lot 137. German 1912 Hertel, Schwab & Co 152 Baby 19” (48cm) incised 152 /// Made in Germany // 12. Blue glass sleep eyes, angled lashes, brown feathered brows. Open red mouth with darker accents and molded tongue, four upper teeth. Cheek blush with rub and defined chin. Brown replaced wig/pate. Five piece composition chubby baby body with red accents. Long nylon night wear, cotton under wear and booties. $300 – $400

Lot 138. Bisque Kammer & Reinhardt 1078 child 22.5″ (57cm). Open mouth, u/teeth. Brown glass s/eyes, angled lashes, feathered brows, original brown mohair wig/pate. Full ball jointed composition body. Cream taffeta dress with lace / flower trim, cream under garments, cream socks, leather shoes, cream hat. $400 – $500

Lot 139. Antique 1903 J.D. Kestner 171 Child 25” (64cm) pale bisque. Brown glass sleep eyes, bold angled lashes, molded lush brown gloss feathered brows. Open mouth with gloss accents, four upper teeth. Soft cheek blush and chin dimple, nose rub. Never removed plaster pate, brown replaced mohair wig. Kestner ball j-composition body and red factory stamp. Beautiful antique white cotton long dress, under garments, no shoes, lace trim bonnet. $450 – $600

Lot 140. Bisque Bahr & Proschild 394 Child 27” (69cm) 1890s. Brown glass sleep eyes, long bold angled lashes with fine feathering, upper left eyerim repair. Open orange pink mouth with gloss accents, six upper teeth. Soft cheek blush and chin dimple, pierced ears. Original blonde mohair short wig over fibrous attached pate with some pieces still with doll. Original finish to scarce composition body with neck loss of paint, very rare French ball jointed knees and central swivel jointed waist. Antique white cotton long dress with wide broderie anglaise trim and wide collar, petticoat, pantaloons and crochet cream shoes. $450 – $550

Lot 141. Life size Ernst Heubach 267 Flirty / Sleep eyed baby 1914 bisque 24″ (61cm) incised Heubach//267-11//Koppelsdorf //DRGM//Thuringia. Blue glass flirty eyes, tin sleep eyelids, angled lashes, feathered brows. Open mouth, four teeth, tremble tongue. Brown long human hair oversize wig, cardboard pate. Chunky baby composition repainted body. Vintage cream cotton day wear with matching coat, cream crochet bonnet, socks, cream strap shoes. $350 – $450

Lot 142. Character Shoenau & Hoffmeister 5500 child bisque doll 27” (68cm) c1900s. Brown glass sleeping eyes, bold angled lashes, gloss brown French style feathered brows, open mouth with peak accents and four upper teeth. Original brown mohair wig and pate. Ball jointed wood composition body with red accents and a missing finger. Gold / olive walking out ensemble and bonnet, antique under garments, socks and shoes. $300 – $400

Lot 143. Oily bisque Heinrich Handwerck ‘Dolly Face’ 21″ (53cm). Incised “Germany // Heinrich Handwerck // Simon & Halbig”. Open pink mouth with peak accents, four upper teeth. Brown glass sleep eyes, real lashes, painted angled lashes, serrated feathered brown brows, brown curl wig and cardboard pate.Full ball jointed wood composition body, pierced ears and drop earrings. Cream dress over satin petticoat, /shoes, straw hat. $300 – $400

Lot 144. Bisque Kley & Hahn “Special” child 22.5″ (57cm). Brown glass sleep eyes, angled lashes, lush feathered brown brows, open red mouth and accents, porcelain upper teeth, mouth corner minor firing flaw. Original brown human hair wig and cardboard pate. Ball jointed composition body with surface wear to original finish, finger reglues and touch ups. Blue dress over white under garments, socks and black shoes, boater hat. $250 – $350

Lot 145. Bisque c1912 Hertel, Schwab & Co 136 Character child, 24″ (61cm). Dark gray glass sleeping eyes, vertical lower lashes and remains of real lashes, lightly molded feathered brows, open mouth with red peak accents, four upper teeth. Brown mohair wig and replaced pate, Wood composition ball jointed body with original finish. Blue taffeta walking out costume with lace trim and bustle, original cream cotton under garments, original blue rexine snap shoes and socks with blue band, vintage lace hat and purse. $300 – $400

Lot 146. Bisque Schutzmeister & Quendt 201 Baby 22″ (56cm) c1920. Blue glass s/eyes, angled lashes, feathered brows, open mouth with two teeth. Blonde human hair replaced wig/pate with cute front fringe.Chunky five piece bent limb composition baby body with thumb reglue. White cotton long night gown needs a clean, under garments, pink crochet cardigan and white crochet bonnet and bib. $300 – $400

Lot 147. Bisque Ernst Heubach 342 Toddler 25” (64cm) c1926. Blue glass s/eyes, feathered brows. Open red mouth, tremble tongue, two upper teeth, forehead side wig pull under wig, defined chin. Brown human hair long wig. Five piece straight leg slant hip toddler composition repainted body with two tipped fingers. Antique organdie white wear with broderie anglaise scallop edge, two petticoats, undies, s/white leather shoes, cream crochet bonnet. $400 – $500

Lot 148. Bisque Kammer & Reinhardt ‘School Girl’ 28″ (71cm). Open gloss mouth with peak accents, upper teeth. Blue glass sleep eyes, real lashes, painted angled lashes, gloss feathered brown brows, blonde mohair short wig and pate not removed. Original factory finish to full ball jointed wood composition body with blush and red accents. Presented in gray school girl dress, blazer, tie and blouse, gray socks and undies, black shoes, gray felt school hat. $500 – $600