Lot No. 133

Lot 133. French 1890s Jumeau “RR Tete Bebe” 23″ (53cm), incised ‘R 11 R’ and artist H9 mark, these special marked dolls were made for department stores by Jumeau. Brown paperweight eyes, long angled lashes, arched brown gloss brows with very fine outer feathering. Open rose red mouth with shading and peak accents, upper teeth, pierced ears. Hairline from back pate rim to under ear, to left eye, also faint vee shaped from forehead to left eye. Brunette human hair wig over original cork pate. French ball jointed body with jointed wrists. Antique white pique pleated dress with embroidered flowers, flocked cotton blouse, antique white wear petticoat and pantaloons, socks and brown leather antique Beaudelot shoes, fur hat and stole.

$500 – $700