Lot No. 143

Lot 143.

Two Dolls:- Scarce Gerbuder Heubach ‘Grinning Boy’ 8724 child c1910s, 14″ (36cm). Oily bisque shoulder head, incised square mark and green mark. Side glancing intaglio gray blue eyes, molded lower lids. Molded front curls and deep top curl, dimpled chubby blushed cheeks. Smiling open/closed mouth, two upper molded teeth. Kid leather gusset jointed body with replaced cloth upper arms and bisque forearms. Also swivel head bisque Gebruder Heubach Pouty 7602 toddler 25.5cm 1912. Intaglio blue eyes, gloss pouty mouth on repainted slant hip toddler body. Both dolls in black velvet boys pants outfit s/ shoes.
$400 – $600