Lot No. 203

Lot 203.

Simon & Halbig for DEP Tete Jumeau 17.5″ (45cm) c1900s bisque doll, incised DEP and red stamped Tete Jumeau. Blue glass sleep eyes, vertical lower lashes, tiny eyerim flake at right eye accent. Open mouth with peak accents and upper teeth, lightly molded serrated feathered brows, pierced ears with flower earrings. Light brown human hair replaced wig and cardboard pate. French ball jointed wood composition repainted body has working mama crier. Brown Jumeau bee symbol strap overcast shoes, antique white dress with lace trim, two cream wool petticoats and one white wear, pantaloons. Cream waist coat, straw hat with lace and flower trim.

$400 – $600