Lot No. 206

Lot 206.

Scarce bisque c1888 Simon & Halbig 905 child 15.5″ (39cm). She has multiple hairline and resurfacing, includes point of contact on forehead with hairlines emanating, also resurfacing on cheek to mouth hairline and other side of mouth to neck socket, along with back pate rim hairlines to cheek. Brown glass stationery eyes,angled lower lashes, feathered brows, closed pink mouth with red center line, original neck attachment to bisque shoulder plate, kid leather gusset jointed body with bisque forearms and tipped finger. Original blonde mohair wig / cork pate. Antique cream antique hand stitched ensemble with blue silk bow and piping, matching straw hat with blue silk lining, pink bead necklace, antique under garments, lace socks.

$400 – $500