Antique Elite Bisque French,  German Dolls

From Antique 1870s Bru Bebe and  Jumeau Companion, EJ Jumeau Bebe, JD Kestner, Ulla Puppe, and more antique bisque dolls from 1870s – 1900s

Specialising in antique doll and collectable auctions, Abbingdon Auctions is proud to present a beautiful collection of vintage bisque dolls. Made from bisque porcelain and hailing from France and Germany, these lovely antique bisque dolls showcase intricate detailing and exquisite features.

From the highly acclaimed French doll makers Bru circle dot Bebe, and EJ Jumeau and companion Bebe. Also German elite dollmakers Kestner, Handwerck, and more. You won’t want to miss out on this superior elite auction.

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