Lot No. 008

Lot 8.

Rare Australian “Sarah Midgley” Budgerree Aboriginal 1936 dolls. Brown sateen cloth ‘Witch Doctor’ 32cm with Budgerree paper hang tag, Kimport Dolls embroidered tag under leather loincloth, bones/shell around waist, a nose bone and holds a bone, vibrant painted features and grey hair/beard. Black sateen cloth ‘Kummera’ 30cm Aboriginal Lubra with oval hang tag. Shell necklace and shell waist band with emu feather skirt, holding two cowie shells, vibrant painted features and applied black wig. Black sateen cloth ‘Princess Australian Girl’ 34cm, painted features, applied black wig, seeds around waist, holds two shells and a seed pod, remains of emu feather waist skirt. Also has unstrung shell/seed pod, unstrung necklace. Paper Budgerree tag/embroidered Kimport Dolls tag, very rare dolls. $150 – $300