Lot No. 032

Lot 32.

German possible Zinner & Sohne C1890-1900 “Jazz Band” Musical Handwind Automaton, 44cm wide x 33cm high x 39cm deep. Four musicians with drums, saxophone, and hand accordion, and banjo instruments. Brown painted bisque heads with defined sculpting, possible Gebruder Heubach with molded Astrakhan black hair, inserted glass pupiless eyes, angled lashes, open-closed accentuated mouth, and molded teeth. Wooden torso with carved brown hands/feet in a black dinner suit, white muslin shirt, and silk black bowtie. The stage is topped with red velvet with a fancy scallop edge over the wood box with the mechanics, expressive decorative wallpaper surrounds the sides. Handwind crank handle operates the music and mechanics. Three band members move their heads side to side and are seated on cream wood chairs, the banjo player has minor seat repairs. The drummer’s head is stationary, he sits behind a large bass drum and moves both hands to hit the cymbal and bell/triangle. The banjo musician’s head moves and strums his banjo. The standing saxophone musician’s head turns. The accordion musician moves his head and squeezes his paper accordion. One family-owned handwind musical Automaton is in outstanding condition.

$1,000 – $2.000