Lot No. 090

Lot 90.

French bisque DEP ‘Bebe’ c1900s made by Simon & Halbig for S.F.B.J.’s Jumeau line, 20” (51cm) incised ‘DEP 8’. Deep molded eye sockets, blue glass sleep eyes, vertical lower lashes, remains of real lashes. Molded arched brown gloss and serrated feathered brows. Open mouth with peak red accent, protruding upper lip, four upper teeth, pierced ears with mauve drop earrings. Brown mohair hair wig and SFBJ cork pate. French ball jointed wood composition body with some typical hand paint flakes. White silk dress, velvet coat with wide collar and cream silk fringe trim, white wear undergarments, long lace socks. Antique satin shoes with front button buckles with leather soles. Antique cream lace fascinator with a cream silk ribbon bow.

$500 – $600