Lot No. 093

Lot 93.

Naked possible Dornheim, Koch & Fischer c1870s Parian Type lady 18″ (46cm), untinted shoulder head unmarked. Elaborate light gray sculpted hair arranged in unusual rare style with modeled gold gild-edge fan and a pink hair bow on the right side, and left modeled gold pearls in cascading wavey line, modeled blue lace trim edge of dress with front bow, and delicate pink painted flower surround. Blue glass spiral threaded inserted eyes, fine angled lashes, very long arched expertly striated type brows, closed pink mouth with a red centerline. Soft cheek blush, pierced ears with flower earrings. Antique wood filled cotton-shaped body with stone bisque forearms, both lower legs have a central reglue, painted blue garter, painted black boots, and pink laces.

$900 – $1,200