Lot No. 096

Lot 96.

Cabinet size Tete Jumeau Bebe 1890s bisque 14″ (36cm) incised “X // 5” a mark used for another company. Open mouth with peak accents and inner shading, upper row of teeth. Paperweight blue glass eyes, angled lashes, black encircled eyecut, brown gloss arched feathered brows, pierced ears. Original cork pate, replaced blonde mohair wig, minor hairline on back pate rim only, original wood neck attachment. Faint blue stamped ‘Bebe Jumeau’ original jointed wood composition body with loss of paint on hands. Dropped waist antique embroidered white wear and lace dress, pink cotton underlay, white undergarments, bonnet, socks, brown shoes.

$900 – $1,200