Lot No. 099

Lot 99.

Scarce Belton-type Child c1880, 14″ (36cm). Incised “8” with a flat top and two small stringing holes and one larger hole. Superb closed mouth with inner upper-lower lip outline, upper peak accents, and modeled white space. Gloss brown feathered French-style brows, brown paperweight glass eyes, angled lashes, defined chin and blushed chubby cheeks, pierced ears, no wig. French ball jointed excellent wood composition body with straight wrists. Original melting blue hand-stitched silk fitted top and shirt with French lace flower trim and lining, antique petticoats and pantaloons, cream socks and antique blue leather shoes with intricate incised mark, blue velveteen hat.

$900 – $1,200