Lot No. 099

Lot 99.

Divine “Eden Bebe” 1890s by Fleischmann & Bloedel. French quality bisque 20.5” (52cm). Incised “Eden Bebe PARIS 9 Depose”. Pierced ears, dark brown paperweight glass eyes with bold black angled lashes, are so gorgeous. Long glossy arched feathered lush brows with superb fine upper feathering. Pink open mouth with darker inner shading, red peak accents, and upturned corners. Upper row of molded-in teeth, pink accented nostrils, and eye corners. French jointed wood composition body with some finger repairs. Dark brown human hair wig over replaced pate. Hand embroidered soft blue silk antique smocked walking out outfit with matching hat, brooch, undergarments. Antique brown leather triple strapped shoes, and cream socks.

$2,500 – $3,500