Lot No. 099

Lot 99.

French E.J. Jumeau Bebe 1880s pale pressed bisque 10.25” (26cm) in rare cabinet size 2. Incised “Depose//E 2 J” and painters mark MX. Gorgeous closed rose pink mouth with peak accents, inner shading and modeled white space. Brown glass paperweight eyes, angled upper lower lashes, arched brown gloss lush feathered brows with fine feathering. Accented nostrils, lovely soft blush, pierced ears with right open. Brown human hair wig has coronet braid, antique cork pate. Straight wrist French ball jointed wood composition body blue stamped “Jumeau Medaille D’Or Paris”. All original inside her head as she left the factory. Flower print replica Jumeau dress with lace trim, Bebe brooch on the waistband, original pantaloons, antique incised size ‘O’ brown shoes and socks. Bonus extra red print vintage dress and separate antique beautiful antique lace collar. Extremely rare small cabinet size 2 E.J. Jumeau. $5,000 – $7,000