Lot No. 100

Lot 100.

French Jumeau “Premiere Bebe” c1878, 15″ (38cm) pressed pale bisque Bebe incised ‘5’. Superb closed rose mouth with modeled white space, inner shading and fine peak accents, eye shadow, accented nostrils. Brown paperweight almond-shaped enamel glass eyes, encircled black eyeliner, angled lashes, long arched brown brows with fine feathering, rose eyeshadow. Pierced ears with earrings, high forehead, and soft cheek blush. Divine shy expression on this rare first period from Emile Jumeau. Original cork pate, blonde mohair replaced wig. Original long spiral neck spring attachment. Rare early eight ball jointed wood composition body has one leg ball attached to thigh, blue stamped “Jumeau// Medaille d’Or//Paris”, straight wrists, rare cupped hands with joined fingers. Antique French couture hand-stitched dropped waist walking out ensemble, has lower ice blue pleated silk with stiffened muslin, upper attached brocade silk, and cream silk at back, Antique French lace, blue silk ribbon bows, original lace trim full petticoat, Antique brown leather boots.

$6,000 – $8,000