Lot No. 100

Lot 100.

French “Tete Jumeau” Bebe c1885-89 bisque 25″ (64cm). Closed mouth with modeled white space, peak accents and inner shading, shaded nostrils. Pierced ears with blue bead drop earrings. Brown paperweight glass eyes, angled lashes, long brown arched feathered brows. Neck is red stamped “Depose //Tete Jumeau//Bte SGDC//12” and checkmarks. Original cork pate and ash-blonde mohair wig. Long original spiral neck spring attachment. French ball jointed wood composition body with working pull string crier that has a red bead, repainted hands and some touch-ups at lower leg ball joints. Antique dark blue velvet handmade dress has a matching long sleeve jacket with black beading accents and highlights. Antique black velvet/silk hand-made hat with very wide silk ribbons, vintage pantaloons, cream socks, antique Charles Charpentier brown leather shoes marked CC with brown silk rosettes.

$2,500 – $3,500