Lot No. 104

Lot 104.

French Jules Steiner c1870 “Taufling Baby” 13” (33 cm) known as ‘Bique Hip’. Solid domed bisque shoulderhead unmarked. Brown glass inserted glass eyes, fine angled lashes and striated feathered brows, outlined eyes, pierced ears. Closed mouth with peak accents, red centerline. Taufling body with nail accents, bisque forearms, tipped right thumb and two fingers, and legs with detailed toes, bisque hips, sateen-twill covered midriff, and upper arms and legs, reglue to the left leg. White wear nightie and blue crochet socks. Early doll inspired by the Ichimatsu doll, in especially hard to find petite size.

$900 – $1,200