Lot No. 105

Lot 105. Pressed bisque 1883-85 Bru Jne “Bebe” Chevrot period 12” (31cm). Multiple hairline repairs and professional resurfacing, to back of head, pate rim above ear then behind ear to under neck, both forehead sides to the edge of eyes to resurfaced cheeks. Incised neck shows “Br… //2”. Shoulderplate is incised Bru Jne No2 on each shoulder, with original nail attachment. Bebe retains the original open-closed rose mouth with peak accents and tip of the tongue. Original beautiful blue spiral threaded paperweight eyes, with black upper eyeliner, angled lashes, and feathered brows. Pierced ears, original cork pate, and remains of mohair wig. Original kid leather Bebe body, but no scalloped collarette, remains of red paper label, lower composition legs with inserted toes. Both original arms are not attached, kid leather over wood upper arms and modeled bisque forearms, sculpted fingers with nail accents. Vintage cotton undergarments with lace trim.

$1,500 – $2,000