Lot No. 168

Lot 168.

Seven 1960s Mattel Barbie Ken outfits. Ken 1962-63 The Yachtsman #789 pale blue denim pants/jacket, striped knit t-shirt, white socks, book. Ken 1962-63 Time for Tennis #790, shorts, T-shirt, knit sweater, green sunglasses missing left support, racquet/two balls, flat white shoes, sundress, straw hat, fruit-filled tote, telephone, scarce pearl chain necklace, o/t white heels. Complete 1963 Snorkel Gear goggles, flippers, snorkel, and bathers. Ken 1961-64 Campus Hero #770 pants, knit jumper minus U, red socks, white flats, flag pennant. Near complete 1961-63 Sleeper Set #781 striped PJ’s, honey bun, milk glass. Complete 1961-63 Sport Shorts #783 olive shirt, Bermuda shorts, brown socks, brown shoes.

$90 – $120