Lot No. 170

Lot 170.

Extremely rare Mattel 1968 ‘Barbie & Stacy Fashion Boutique’ cardboard store World of Barbie display. Amazing all four original dolls and outfits and three still attached. All original 1969 Barbie TNT with an original set blonde flip side part hair, wearing rare #1494 Goldswinger outfit and shoes. 1969 TNT brown flip side part hair, wearing all original #1492 Silver Polish outfit, fade to yellow shoes. TNT 1968 Barbie Hair Fair, blonde hair with some green from green/ white left ear all from original gold triangle earring. wearing all original #1493 Fab Fur ouftit, gold long pants/boots are sticky. Blonde Barbie 1969 TNT flip hair seated doll not attached to display wearing #1491 Red, White ‘N Warm outfit with no gold chain on right white boot. Carboard boutique is in vibrant excellent condition, has the name of all four outfits printed along the front stage display, extremely rare Mattel Barbie 1968 store display.

Provenance from Country interstate Museum.

$700 – $900