Lot No. 203

Lot 203.

French Tete Jumeau Bebe 1890s bisque 22″ (66cm) red stamped “Tete Jumeau” and check marks. Major forehead reglue through eye to below ear and to back pate rim, other cheek has a long hairline to under chin, both with some resurfacing. Open mouth with peak accents and inner shading. Blue glass sleeping eyes, angled lashes, long brown gloss arched feathered brows, pierced ears with blue bead earrings. Original human hair brown wig and cork pate. Blue stamped “Bebe Jumeau Diplome D’Honneur” jointed wood composition body with dual pull string crier, but voice not activated. Ice blue satin walking out ensemble and bonnet, antique underwear, long socks, blue rexine shoes, necklace, and heart brooch.

$400 – $500