Lot No. 275

Lot 275.

Mixed dolls include:- All original Italian Topsy Turvy cloth doll 25cm possible 1920s, formed cloth faces have painted features, mohair wigs. Also uncut Bethnal Green Museum reproduction cloth doll. Papier doll 18cm 1930s and cut clothing. MIP Anne Hopkins 2003 paper doll 11cm. Also 43cm composition head doll with velvet hair, no fill cloth body and composition red boots. Plus two vintage dolls:- HP dome head baby 50cm on replaced brown magic flesh baby body, red cotton clothes and net lace overlay. Applied sparse mohair wig, print dress, knit bonnet. Naked has blonde replaced wig, well-retained color. Australian composition 40s 56cm swivel head child with the eyes in back of head. replaced cloth body and lower composition limbs with right arm painting lifting.

$50 – $75