Lot No. 095

Lot 95.

All original Pierotti ‘Character Child’ c1870s. English pink-tint poured wax turned shoulderhead 22” (51cm). Inserted blue glass spiral threaded eyes, closed pink partial smiling mouth with protruding upper lip. Blonde short tuft slit-inserted short hair. Cloth horse-hair filled shaped excellent body with swing joints, original poured wax arms and legs, detailed fingers/toes. The doll comes with the original christening gown, booties, and also a short daywear dress, a cream cape, undergarments, and a straw hat. She is pictured in a long whitewear sleep gown, cream bonnet, and antique undergarments. Also comes with extra smaller Antique doll clothes, a corset, and three pairs of leather shoes red/tan/brown. One family-owned forever, still retains her wood transport velveteen-lined box.

$1,000 – $1,500