Lot No. 095

Lot 95.

Antique DEP Bebe 28″ (71cm) c1890s bisque incised “DEP 12”. Gorgeous closed pink mouth has peak and inner accents, modeled white space, and pierced ears. Dark blue glass inserted eyes, bold angled lashes, long brown lush feathered arched brows, soft blush on chubby cheeks. Human hair wig with long ringlet curls is replaced, and has an original cork pate, prominent pierced ears, and faux earrings. Straight wrist ball jointed wood composition body with hand accents. Antique white cotton and lace dress has some thinning, also long attached inserted lace wide collar that reaches to her naval, antique whitewear undergraments, black socks and brown leather antique lace-up ankle boots, and necklace. Won first place at the UFDC Irving Texas show.

$2,000 – $2,700