Lot No. 095

Lot 95.

Toddler Kammer & Reinhardt 115A character child 19″ (48 cm) bisque doll c1911. Incised “VI // KstarR//Simon & Halbig//115 A”. Blue glass sleeping eyes, fine angled lashes, short lush brows with fine outer feathering. Open/closed pouty pink gloss mouth with darker inner gloss, protruding upper lip, superb character facial features, small cheek rub. Defined dimpled chin and prominent ears. Blonde vintage short wig and cardboard pate. Original ball jointed wood composition slant hip toddler body with straight wrists, four fingers missing some surface paint. Burgundy and cream stripe vintage heavy cotton top, pants, cream collar and belt, brown leather boots.

$2,000 – $3,000