Lot No. 097

Lot 96. Rare Schutzmeister & Quendt brown “Baby 251″ c1915 brown bisque 16” (41cm) with entwined mark. Brown glass sleep eyes, black angled lashes, black feathered brows, upturned nose. Open red accentuated deep modeled mouth, two upper teeth. Black-brown mohair original wig/pate not removed. Chunky brown composition bent limb excellent baby body. Black taffeta dress with red wide trim and antique crochet bonnet with cream silk lining. Extremely rare model as few are known to exist worldwide. $1,000 – $1,500

Lot 97. Scarce J.D. Kestner 214 Character Child 22″ (55cm) c1910. Brown glass sleep eyes, remains of real lashes, vertical tapered lower lashes, molded/serrated gloss feathered brows. Open pink mouth with peak accents, four upper teeth. Antique human hair brown wig and old cardboard pate. Excellent Kestner ball jointed wood composition body red stamped and with accents. Original onsie undergarment, replaced long socks, and cream shoes. $450 – $550

Lot 98.

Scace J. D. Kestner 129 Character Child c1898 pale bisque 18″ (46cm). Open pink gloss mouth with peak red accents, and shaped upper lip. four upper teeth. Blue glass sleep eyes are now fixed, bold angled lashes, French style brown arched gloss brows with fine feathering. Original blonde mohair wig over Kestner plaster pate. Original factory finish on Kestner ball jointed wood composition body with nail/toe accents, also red stamped ‘Excelsior Germany 2’. Antique possible original fine whitewear dress with inserted lace and attached wide lace collar, and Antique undergarments.

$600 – $800