Lot No. 103

Lot 103.

Lifesize J.D. Kestner “Hilda” 1070 character baby c1914 quality bisque 24″ (61cm). Open pink mouth has peak red accents, inner shading, two upper teeth. Blue glass sleeping eyes, fine angled lashes, lightly molded gloss feathered brows. Nostril/eye corner accents, prominent ears, defined chin, raked hair with lightly molded front curls. Factory finish composition bent limb chunky baby body with nail accents. Antique whitewear christening gown has full length lace yoke 85cm long, 9ct Rodd heart brooch, undergarments, crochet white booties, fancy antique bonnet. Kestner at their best on this rare-sized Hilda.

$2,500 – $3,500