Lot No. 117

Lot 117.

Historical friends:- German bear c1919 26″ (66cm). Fully jointed shaved sparse mohair, felt pads, replaced left hand pad and some holes. Cherry glass eyes, wide horizontal black thread nose/mouth, long muzzle, inserted ears, partially working growler. some retained thread claws. Columbian-type c1900 print cloth doll 25″ (65cm) ‘Gracie’, print features and outfit. Neck, arms, right ankle repairs. Both were owned by MsThea Rowe MBE (1907-1992) Australian actress/singer/writer, the bear appeared on stage with her in ‘Winnie The Pooh’.

Provenance TBear Encyc/Brooks, both pictured pg 128 with history, book signed by Brooks.

$500 – $600