Lot No. 193

Lot 193.

Two MIP 1960s Mattel Barbie Booklets. Both are book #1 in sealed plastic bags, with a pair of red open-toe shoes in one, other has red flats with white brush and comb.

$50 – $90

Lot 194. Doll clothes 60s Barbie Julia/Sindy. Three Mattel Barbie 1969 Talking Julia metallic playsuits. Sindy clothes 60s Weekenders stripe top/jeans, 1963-65 red Sloppy Joe sweater. Sindy 1967-69 Cordon Bleu apron/oven mitts. Sindy 1965 Coffee Party blue dress/waist cord. Patch Dungaree suit and scarf. $100 – $150

Lot 195. Mattel Barbie Skipper 1960s, blonde hair. Replaced top and slacks. $50 – $70

Lot 196. Pedigree blonde Sindy 033055X, blonde center part hair. 1966 Happy Traveller original red sweater, gray pleated skirt, grey coat, red flats, Paris travel bag. $50 – $80
Lot 197. NRFB My First Barbie Jewelry Fun, Boxed Murfett Regency Barbie Dress-Up paper doll. Bonus boxed Pro-Doh Combat Adventure Kit. $25 – $40

Lot 198. Two 1960s Italian Fashion Dolls 22″ (56cm) unmarked. Side part blonde hair blue/brown eyes. Original gold jacket over flower print dress and underwear, s/shoes. Other looks to be replaced blue outfit over original undies, s/shoes. $40 – $70

Lot 199. Two vinyl dolls:- England girl 54cm, has removable tummy with inside body parts. Regal 43cm girl in a red knit winter outfit. $30 – $50