Lot No. 193

Lot 193.

Mixed 1960s Mattel Barbie/Skipper outfits. 1964 Skipper Masquerade #1903 dress, hat, one shoe, and a mask. 1961-62 Barbie Masquerade #944, dress, hat, shoes with pom poms, mask, nylons. Barbie 1959-64 Nightly Negligee #965 tricot pink gown, peignoir, dog. Skipper 1964 Dreamtime #1909 robe, cat,1pink slipper, PJ’s. Complete 193-64 Stormy Weather #949 raincoat, hat, closed umbrella, and boots. Barbie 1961-64 Orange Blossom #987 sheath dress, lace over-dress, hat, gloves, bouquet, o/t heels. Barbie 1962-64 Ice-Breaker #942 jacket, body suit, dress, two skates one is missing blade, and nylons.

$150 – $250