Lot No. 255

Lot 255.

Three flawed Antique bisque dolls:- Armand Marseille 3200 child 43cm shoulder head, has forehead intersecting point of contact vee hairlines from pate rim to left eye. Brown sleep eyes, open mouth, upper teeth. original blonde mohair wig/pate. Original excellent kid leather gusset jointed body, bisque hands with tipped thumb. Antique pink ensemble and lovely kid leather antique shoes. Ernst Heubach 350 baby 34cm with restoration to 75% of pate rim to 1cm on forehead, gray s/eyes, o/mouth and u/teeth, composition body missing two fingers, mohair wig, blue satin babywear. Japan Morimura child 56cm with front shoulder plate reglues. Blue sleep eyes, open mouth/upper teeth, cloth wood filled body, crude composition forearms, no wig or clothes.

$100 – $150