Lot No. 098

Lot 98.

French Jules Steiner ‘A Series’ Bebe cabinet pressed bisque 12.25″ (31cm) c1890s. Incised “J. Steiner // Bte SGDG // Paris // FI re A 5”. Closed red mouth, red accents to nostrils and eye corners. Blue glass paperweight eyes, mauve upper blush, angled lashes, lush almost striated brown brows. Pierced detailed ears, replaced wig with braiding tied in a bun at back. Original Steiner ball jointed composition body, blue stamped “Le Petit Parisien // Bebe Steiner” with one missing slender finger. Cream silk dress with lace trim and olive silk waistband ribbon, petticoat has lace trim.

$2,000 – $3,000