Lot No. 098

Lot 98.

Pale bisque Bru Jne ‘Smiling Poupee Fashion Lady’ c1870s bisque 16” (41cm). Incised “G” on the neck and Depose on the forehead. Closed smiling mouth with red peak accents and centerline, soft pink blush, pierced ears. Scarce three-tone paperweight spiral threaded blue glass eyes, many fine black angled lashes, striated superb brows, pink-eye corner accents, and nostrils. Original mohair long ringlet wig and cork pate, all original inside her head. Kid leather gusset jointed body with straight collarette has individual fingers, in overall very good condition with no leakage. Original couture blue long dress with some age wear, fitted matching top with long cream silk fringe trim, faded pink silk cape with matching silk fringe. Original whitewear undergarments with lace trim.

$2,000 – $3,000

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