Lot No. 101

Lot 101.

French bisque ‘Tete Jumeau Bebe’ c1890s 23″ (58cm). Open shaded red mouth with peak accents and porcelain upper row of teeth. Red check mark and incised size 10, faint hairline from back pate rim. Starburst blue paperweight eyes, black eyeliner, long angled lashes, brown gloss lush brows with fine outer feathering, soft blush and pierced ears. Original very long human hair brown wig and cork pate. Jumeau full jointed wood composition with jointed wrists, paint flaking on hands. Antique cream silk flower print dropped waist day wear dress with lavender stripe and lace trims, silk petticoat, whitewear pantaloons, lace socks and brown leather shoes, lavender velvet layered bonnet.

$700 – $850