Lot No. 101

Lot 101.

French Etienne Denamur “Bebe” pale pressed bisque 21” (56cm) circa 1890s. Incised on swivel head “E 9 D / DEPOSE”. Open rose red mouth with red peak accents and inner shading, molded upper teeth. Starburst blue paperweight glass eyes with darker outer band, extra long arched brown brows with upper feathering, expressive angled lashes with full black eyeliner. Pink accented eye corners, shaded nostrils, soft blush on plump cheeks, pierced ears. Long straw blonde original wig over original cork pate. Excellent original wood composition French ball jointed body with slender fingers and straight wrists. Original couture camel pique walking out costume, matching hat, pink wide ribbon bows, silk brocade flower collar and hem trim. Scallop trim petticoat and pantaloons, long lace socks and brown leather shoes. All original antique open mouth Denamur to admire.

$1,500 – $2,500