Lot No. 106

Lot 106.

French “Tete Jumeau” Bebe c1890s bisque 26″ (66cm). Open mouth with peak accents and inner shading, upper teeth, pierced ears with drop earrings. Blue Guepratte paperweight starburst eyes, angled lashes, long brown gloss feathered brows, upper right eyerim small repair. Neck is incised 12 with a checkmark. Cork SFBJ period pate and brown French human hair wig. Long spiral neck spring attachment. Jumeau French ball jointed wood composition body with repainted arms and hands, oval paper label “Bebe Jumeau//Diplome d’Honneur”. Burnt-orange walking out pique dress has olive velvet insert and emerald chest ribbon, vintage buttons, and bar brooch, white undergarments, long brown socks, replica brown Jumeau shoes, olive hat with brown feathers.

$1,000 – $1,500