Lot No. 101

Lot 101.

Companion Tete Jumeau Bebe late1890s bisque 32″ (81cm) incised “14” and red stamped Tete Jumeau on her neck with checkmarks. All original inside her head with long spiral neck spring. Brown glass paperweight eyes with encircled black eyeliner, bold angled lashes, very long arched gloss brows with fine outer feathering. Open rose mouth with fine peak accents and inner shading, a row of six porcelain upper teeth, pierced ears with red drop earrings. Lush brunette sausage curl Cheveaux wig over original cork pate. French ball jointed wood composition body with some paint tips on fingers, stamped on back with shop’s circle mark. Lovely walking out ensemble, burgundy pleated dress, vest, and jacket all with lace trim, black lining and old buttons. Matching bonnet, and a gold locket, white vintage undergarments, socks, and brown leather Jumeau shoes incised “15 Bebe Jumeau Depose”.

$3,000 – $4,000