Lot No. 101

Lot 101.

Scarce Simon & Halbig 1079 Talking Walker 23.5” (59.5cm) bisque head. French Roullet & Decamps original key wind straight-leg walking talking body. Late 1890s incised “1079 // Halbig // S&H // Germany // 11 1/2”. Original R&D hip key operates the leg mechanism up/down in walking motion and works grill crier. Composition jointed body has original kid leather covering the top of the hip/leg mechanism. Flirty glass blue/gray eyes, mohair upper lashes, and vertical lower lashes, brown gloss molded/serrated feathered brows. Open mouth with peak accents and upper row of teeth, prominent pierced ears. Cork pate and blue cap brown human hair wig. Vintage white cotton dress with lace trim, matching wide-brim bonnet, undergarments, socks, and black shoes.

$900 – $1,200