Lot No. 101

Lot 101.

Pressed bisque Jumeau E.J. Bebe c1884 incised DEPOSE // E12J” and checkmark, 26″ (65cm). Brown paperweight inset eyes with encircled black eyeliner, mauve eyeshadow, bold angled lashes, long arched gloss brows with upper outer feathering. Closed rose mouth with red peak accents and inner shading, along with modeled white space. Applied pierced ears, and a chin dimple. Lush strawberry blonde antique weft wig with factory extensions, and cork pate. Original early 1881-82 eight-ball jointed composition body with straight wrists, general wear around the body at joint rotations, faint-good blue stamp ‘Jumeau//Medaille d’Or//Paris’. Antique couture pink silk pleated dress with some thinning, puffed short sleeves, wide pink silk bows, lace collar, and attached antique overlay lace skirt. Antique undergarments, wide-brim straw hat, matching pink bows, and silk lining, long socks, and brown Jumeau Bee symbol shoes.

$6,000 – $7,000

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